About us

The company and the adjecent area, including our dock and the tennis courts, is located on the lovely Elisabeth Island, near the meeting of the two rivers - Danube and Váh, right next to the border of Hungary and last but not least it is quire close to the downtown of Komárno. Welcome in the embrace of the Danube, right there, where in 1898, so more than a 100 years ago, the town's first ship factory was founded, the so called Old Ship Factory.

Komárno has a rich history, there are a lot of sights, museums, the Europe Place or the Fortress of Komárno. The tourist infromation office is located on the Klapka Square. It is offering booklets, maps and information for what places are worth of a visit.

The thermal swimming pool of the town is famous for its mineral water. It is the perfect place to spend the hot summer days at. There is an other thermal swimming pool in Komárom, on the other side of the Danube.

Close to the dock you can find restaurants, hotels and pensions. In case you would need accomodation, we would be happy to help you making a reservation according to your requests and wishes.

There is a cycling road close to our dock. The 17-kilometre-long road is leading from Komárno to Kolárovo, a small town. It is connected to the cycling road in Hungary and was built onto the embankment of the river Váh; a road in the nature without any car traffic, and last but not least in the closeness of the river Váh.

Komárno and the neighbouring Komárom are devided only by a bridge and the river Danube, so from our dock Hungary is in a walkable distance. It takes only a few minutes to visit an other country. After passing through the bridge to Hungary you can find a Tesco Supermarket beside the main road. It is offering you its quality goods.

We recommend a lovely trip to Komárno. You can safely anchorage at our dock. Our motto is:

“It is not enough to be good, we have to be the best!”

Turn to us with trust. We are looking forward to meeting you!

For further information please call: +421 903 400 658, or send us an email to: