We would be more than happy to see you at our private dock, right at the border of Slovakia and Hungary, in the picturesque milieu of the Danube and in walking distance to the heart of Komárno. The parking capacity of our dock is 80 stands for boats and yachts. Our complex services include:

- anchorage of boats and yachts,
- summer and winter storage, preparation for storage,
- retrieving and launching of boats and yachts,
- washing, cleaning and application of antifouling paint,
- special quality services for boats and yachts service, engines and gearing,
- refuelling and delivery of the propellant,
- free parking for the cars,
- assistance services etc.


We are glad to announce that we are offering a parking opportunity at our dock for boats and yachts during the summertime, both for short and long-term. The dock is located on the riverside of Danube, in a picturesque milieu, close to the meeting of the rivers Danube and Váh.

Winter storage

You can safely store your boat and yacht in our hangars during the winter. Those are placed either on blocks or on the customer's boat trailer. Our offer includes the special preparation for winter storage, cleaning and polishing of the hull and boat interior, the application of antifouling paint and we would be happy to serve our customers' further requests and wishes.


Our professional team can offer you a special quality service at the dock for boats and yachts, engines and gearing. Do not worry of an accidental breakdown, we are taking care of everything.


We are glad to offer you the possibility of refuelling ships and yachts directly on the river. There is a gas station at our dock. Thanks to this service you do not have to carry heavy jerrycans of fuel.


The list of our services for the maintainance of the boat includes the washing, cleaning and polishing of the hull and the interior of the boat but also the application of antifouling paint.

The tennis courts

The courts can be booked from March to November depending on the weather conditions. There are two courts, both with quality surface, an artificial surface graded with sand topdressing. The ground of the courts is from rubble fraction, not concrete, which is considerably gentle towards the players' muscular system.