We are glad to announce that we are offering a parking opportunity at our dock for boats and yachts during the summertime, both for short and long-term. The dock is located on the riverside of Danube, in a picturesque milieu, close to the meeting of the rivers Danube and Váh.
Our list of offers includes services on a professional level thanks to which you can happily leave behind all your worries of the boat or yacht, just as boat-parking, repairing services or winter storage. Whenever you decide to make a trip to Komárno by boat or yacht, you can safely anchorage and enjoy the beauty of the milieu, while we will take perfect care of you and your boat.
The dock's location is good, right next to the border of Hungary and in walking distance from the downtown of Komárno.
The whole area, including the dock too, is secured by security guards and close-circuit television.  
If you decide to park your boat at our dock, the following services are offered for you for free:
- drinking water (not for cleaning the boat and yacht)
- WC, showers
- Wifi
- delivery of the propellant
- parking of your car at our parking lot
- parking of your boat trailer at an open area
 - charging of devices and batteries
 - assistance services at the dock from 7 AM to 3PM
Beside the dock you can find two tennis courts with the opportunity of playing tennis in a beautiful milieu, in the embrace of the Danube.

Should be interested, we can arrange an insurance for the not foreseeble cases during your boat cruise (civil liability insurance) or on boat damage (property insurance). We would be more than happy to help you with the reservation of your accomodation or any other request and wish..

On our service list you can find the cleaning of the hull (the body) and the interior of the boat, the applicatin of antifouling paint but we would be also happy to serve our customers' further service requests and wishes.
Close to the dock area you can find:
accomodation in 50 m     exchange office in 50 m               Tesco Supermarket in 1 km
restaurant in 50 m           border checkpoint in 50 m            cycling road in 100 m