Winter parking and storage of boats and yachts

The offer on winter parking and storage is wide!

Our company can offer you a special preparation for winter storage, before the new season the cleaning and polishing the hull and the interior of the boat, the application of antifouling paint, retrieving and launching of the boats and yachts, repairing-services. We would be happy also to serve our customers' further requests and wishes.

The boats and yachts are stored in hangars either on blocks or on the customer's boat trailer. 
The area is secured by security guards, a gate-house and closed-circuit television.

List of prices:

Special preparation for winter storage: 36 Eur

Winter parking:

Lenght of the boat  up to 6 metres: 60 Eur/monthly            up to 7 metres: 70 Eur/monthly

                            up to 8 metres: 80 Eur/monthly            up to 9 metres: 90 Eur/monthly

                            up to 10 metres: 100 Eur/monthly        up to 11 metres: 110 Eur/monthly

                            up to 12 metres: 120 Eur/monthly

The price of winter storage includes: parking during the winter in the hangar, under roof or on an open area, a retrieving and a launching of the boat, after the retrieving of the boat one hydrocleaning.